Dental practice van de werken

The problem

From patients’ perspective, the former website of dental practice van de Werken was quite hard to use. The user flow was confusing and that is why it was hard for patients to gather the right information. The website had lack of color and there was little to no contrast between the menu and background. Pages looked very similar and had a small amount of imagery with only a few paragraphs of text. Besides the unwieldy user flow and experience, the practice could invest more in the branding through their website.

The goal

Redesign their current website to show information in a better way. We set the following goals:

  • Match the professional care but welcoming feeling you get when being a patient in the practice
  • Clarity when accessing the site
  • More read-friendly design with more color and hierarchy.
  • More use of photography from the actual practice

The outcome

A professional site with great use of hierarchy, color, and photography that matches the warm feeling customers get when being treated in the practice.


Website Design / Brand Expansion / Photography

"Jesse has a good and clear explanation and we are very pleased with the result. He also takes the colleagues in practice with him in his process and photography. They really appreciated this."

- Frederik van der Werken, owner and dentist

For years Frederik has been – and still is – my dentist. He owns a well-running practice in Zwolle where my family and I have been patients for two decades. Because of this, I’ve seen the care and communication between his company and the customer. He is a man that likes to do it all by himself. This is a great skill, but in this case, it also meant he was doing the website by himself. In a chat, he agreed that it was a bit outdated. This was a missed opportunity because it didn’t reflect the practice’s core values.

At first, Frederik didn’t see the use of updating his site because he wasn’t looking for new customers. This might be true, but I explained to him that a well-looking website is not only a sight for sore eyes for possible new customers but also for patients that have been with the practice for years.

Goals from Dental practice van de werken

The dentist and the team of Dental practice van de Werken offer you high-quality modern dental care, personal attention and advice in the field of your mouth and teeth.

Good oral care is important. For a first impression and for your health.

Target audience

The target audience of the practice is very wide. From young kids to elderly people pay a visit. The one thing that unifies them is the care for their teeth in a friendly and communicative environment.


I cleaned up the menu by making sure it was easily noticeable which page you were on by using the dark blue from the logo as an active color. The most important call to action I made was always noticeable with the other color from the logo. The Golden hue. The pages got a new layout. Large blocks with text and big imagery. This made them easily scannable. This way the customer could easily find more info or get in contact with the practice.


The former website had no color. The only colors were found in the logo. These were dark blue and gold. This made the logo feel professional. I wanted to use these colors to extend further in an entire color pallet to be used on the site. I took lighter shades of blue and combined them with lighter shades of gold as background colors. The bright gold I made into a call-to-action color since it is a contrasting color opposite of dark blue.


To enhance the professional but warm feeling that the practice itself had I shot and added photography to the pages. This enhanced the look and feel tremendously.

Animatie van "Voor" en "Na"

"I would definitely recommend Jesse to friends and family. I recently have already done this."

- Frederik van der Werken, owner and dentist

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