The briefing

Design a brand for a new coffee company. Goldenpath is a coffee company making coffee beans and grounds to bring on your journeys across the earth. Goldenpath wants to enhance your expierence by starting your day with a great taste.

The outcome

Outcome of this project is a full on branding strategy ranging with brand elementens going in to a website, business cards and brochures.


Brand identity / Print

Goals from Goldenpath

Goldenpath strives to give every costumer a joyfull and fresh experience. Making and drinking Goldenpath is a great start of your day due high quality Arabica bean and packaged in tiny volumes to make it easy to bring it on a hike.

Target audience

Men and women between 20 and 35 who love to travel, hike and camp at beautifull views.

The process

After the initial process of figuring out the target group, direction and marketing, scetches and design choices were made to pull the design to a coherent design that encapsulates Goldenpath.

Brand elements

It was important to give every aspect of the branding, products and its stationary the feeling of adventure. This is why I’ve chosen to use the vibrant orange on every single product. This is often in combo with the rising sun shine illustration.


I choose for the bright orange and yellow color due to the fact that Goldenpath stimulates people to go out and explore. A sunset is one of many situations we want our costumers to enjoy their coffee. To encorporate that feel we used a sun set orange and yellow. This will start the feeling of ¬†adventure right from the moment you’ll come across it on social media or the aisle.


In the word mark I’ve used Mermaid Bold, a lovely serif font that encapsulates the rich and high quality feeling, but still has round and flowing curves. Combined with a secundair word logo is Roboto Light which is a lovely simple and straight to the point fond. Which will be used as the body font.

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