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I’ve worked at Batavia Tools as a Graphic Designer for over 3 years. During that lovely time I’ve worked on several products and projects. First my job description was quite small. Only packaging, studio photos and manuals. Batavia was open for its employers to expand and take on more tasks they liked to do. So I expanded my tasks to include designing of newsletters, brochures, big prints, social media, one pagers and even take on dozens of photo- and videoshoot productions.


Print / Production / Photography / Web / Marketing / Social Media


  • Having designed many product packagings, labels and manuals that are produced thousandfold
  • Designing many of the main product brochures for new product launches and to be used in meetings
  • Earning a turnover of 40,000 euros in 6 months (in collaboration with my E-commerce colleague)
  • Produced 10+ photo- and videoshoot in collaboration with Anouk and Binie. Occasionally help with shooting photos at a video shoot day
  • Having photos I shoot produced on several walls in the office and even on the side of a transport trailer.
  • Meeting and working with Tim Coronel and it’s Dakar team.

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